An ode to the moment less traveled.

After a hard-fought pandemic, the global hospitality industry was continuing to romanticise travel as though CoVid19 had never happened. With many parts of Asia Pacific still in lockdown, our challenge was help an entire region overcome their inertia of post-lockdown travel.

Through our latest campaign for the world's largest hotel loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy, we took all of Asia Pacific from India all the way down to New Zealand…’Here’ to celebrate the smaller, rarely-seen moments we all missed about travel.


Marriott, Here


We knew that ours was a region restless and ready to travel, and so decided to create a campaign that would highlight and celebrate all the little things about travel was impossible to recreate at home during a lockdown.

Marriott, Here
Marriott, Here
Marriott, Here

This campaign has changed how the entire hospitality industry communicates in our post-pandemic world.

Julie Purser, Vice President Marketing at Marriott International

Nothing to see here