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"In Asia, no nightclub is missed more than Zouk..."

Nightclubs all around the world remain shuttered as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, leaving club kids nowhere for a late-night boogie. In Asia, no nightclub is missed more than Zouk, the infamous home of house and techno music that used to sit on the banks of the Singapore river at Jiak Kim Street.

Our idea was to create a safe space for party people and gamers to hangout and reminisce about the heady days of IRL clubbing. Live Fresh Club is an identical replica both outside and in, down to the details of fountain in the toilet, the bangers and mash stand and multiple club rooms. We wanted people entering the space to experience a nostalgic rush so we poured through public records and architectural archives of the iconic club, to recreate to every detail and element of the club complex down to perfection, pixel-by-pixel with Fortnite’s creative mode.

Players can enjoy Live Fresh Club in Fortnite’s creative mode by entering a special code in their favourite character, to collect coins, play human pinball, or just chill and bust a move on the many dance-floors in the main room, Phuture, or Velvet.


DBS, Pandemic Clubbing
DBS, Pandemic Clubbing

“I love it...you might not guess a bank would be behind recreating the old #Zouk nightclub but DBS Bank surprises again.”

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DBS, Pandemic Clubbing

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