AICWe See You Care

Shining the spotlight on unseen caregivers

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in Singapore provides grants and support programs for caregivers. But far from knowing about these support systems, a staggering 49% of caregivers don’t even define themselves as one. The end result is there are many caregivers who often go unseen in society.

We had to help these unseen caregivers recognize themselves and be seen by those around them. To do this, we started a conversation with the help of emotional one-take films that helped unseen caregivers literally be seen for the first time.



The single continuous shot holds the viewer but it’s also a conscious choice for the narrative.

The scripts were devised with a twist. They open unlike the usual sad sappy films in the category and feel like real moments of care. The one-take approach helped elevate the realism of the story, giving the viewer a continuous unedited glimpse into the life of an unseen caregiver.


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